A performant text editor with features for editing code.

  • A plain text editor. That's it.

    Runestone is a plain text editor built with performance in mind. It has the core features for writing code including syntax highlighting, line numbers, page guide, theming, customizable line height and kerning, and more. It’s like TextEdit for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro but colorful and highly customizable.

  • Made with passion.

    There’s no big company behind Runestone. It is built by a single person who ❤️ text editors. While browsing the Internet for an open-source performant text editor with syntax highlighting to use in one of my other apps, I found that no such framework existed for iPhone and iPad. So I built it myself. As I was building the example app that should accompany the framework, I realized that it was turning into a text editor app that I really wanted for my iPhone and iPad: a lightweight but performant text editor with no bells and whistles.

  • A price with no catch.

    Building version 1.0 of Runestone took 18 months of my spare time on and off. That’s why select settings require the Premium purchase. The free version lets you edit files and tweak some settings but once you’ve decided that you like the app, you’ll likely want to unlock Premium with a one-time purchase at $9.99. The price may vary from country to country.

  • Built on an open-source core.

    Runestone is built on the open-source framework of the same name. All core functionality including syntax highlighting, line numbers, page guide, search, and much more is included in that framework. There was no open-source text editor for iPhone and iPad with support for core features for editing code. Until now.